Lyndon Leger, 20, is part of the wave of autistic youth coming of age in America. Lyndon has never had a friend or held a meaningful conversation with someone. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his mother, Rita Leger, on whom he depends for all aspects of daily life. He works five days a week through a vocational program for disabled people called Opportunity Village.

Rita spends more time with Lyndon than anyone, and this piece is largely about the level of care that she continues to provide, even as her child enters adulthood. The mother-child relationship is something I continue to explore as this work continues.

I have been photographing my younger brother since 2008 and recently recorded interviews with my mother, Rita, and Lyndon. Their voices contribute nuance and depth to the story. I created this short multimedia piece as an experiment into different ways of working with these images. This is an ongoing project.


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