Medicine of the Spirit:a visual journey into the mysterious depths of healing
A project by Niccolò Filippo Rosso

The indigenous Kamëntsá people of Colombia have for generations practiced healing and spiritual enlightenment, with the aid of medicinal plants found in the Amazon forest. The rituals and practices of healing have been guarded and preserved through the ancient wisdom of the taitas. They now face an ever-modernising world, their transformation is crucial for their survival, however their wisdom and knowledge could possibly provide answers to some of the challenges faced by all of humanity. It is a 2 day bus journey from Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city, to Sibundoy Valley. The taitas, the indigenous medicine men of the Kamëntsá people, speak of Sibundoy as a place that holds great energy and power, thereby strengthening their healing practices and rituals. The valley is surrounded by mountains, forming part of the middle Putamayo, which leads East towards the rich Amazon Basin. The land is sacred to the Kamëntsá people, who believe that they are protectors of life and guardians of the Earth. The indigenous tribe believes that it is their duty, inherited from their ancestors to guard the forest for the future generations and humanity. The healing rituals of the taitas is also regarded as sacred, where the preparation and drinking of yajé, a medicinal plant of Indian societies of the Amazon region, forms the cornerstone of their healing practices and rituals.


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