A transcendent documentary about the human cost of war in Afghanistan that intercut life on the battlefield with recovery back home

Following one soldier’s experience fighting the war in Afghanistan and recovering from a serious injury back in the U.S., filmmaker Danfung Dennis intercut both worlds in this gripping and significant feature-length documentary. Beautifully filmed and skillfully edited, the producers juxtaposed intense battle scenes with the grinding routine of life at home connecting the experiences and giving audiences a unique entrée into the mental and physical impact of war. The soldier’s treatment included medications, physical therapy and doctors’ visits resulting in a lack of independence. These challenges can be as daunting as leading soldiers into hostile territory. Visually stunning, the film showed the central experiences affecting today’s veterans.

Danfung Dennis, director; Martin Herring, Mike Lerner, producers; Fiona Otway, editor;
J. Ralph, music, lyrics, sound design; Dan Cogan, Thomas Brunner, Maxyne Franklin, Karol Martesko-Fenster, Gernot Schaffler, executive producers; Willie Nelson, performing an original song

Original Story: Trailer for "Hell and Back Again" trailer

j vimeo.com/35651155

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