Near future Dhaka’s underground water may be polluted by saline water and it will be a dangerous treat for 150 million Bangladeshi who live in capital city. Even agricultural production, biodiversity, ecosystem will be change due to this climate change problems in other parts of Bangladesh. After a research experts point ed out this.
They find, Saline water is moving by with underground water to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Now it’s under kotali para of Gopalgong district, only 60 km near from Dhaka. As Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) resent research, last thirty years Saline water moved 60 km to Dhaka by under ground. Before thirty years it was 60 km from coastal area but now its 120 km to north & capital.
Dr. Eftekharul Alam said "Over mining of groundwater of Dhaka city and Gazipur (a district beside the capital) regions have accelerated the speed of these intrusions. If depletion trend of groundwater of Dhaka city continues, it may be filled in by salt water and thus cause the city dwellers to migrate due to the shortage of fresh water,
As the BADC research. Many areas of the Bangladesh, groundwater levels have gone down below the mean sea level ranging from 0 to 52 meters. Some of these areas are connected among themselves and to the Bay of Bengal causing favorable conditions for saline water intrusion.
The highest depletion took places in the capital city Dhaka which is about 60 km away from
Salikha upazila of Magura District. Salikha is the far north most place where water table has
gone down below the mean sea level and is connected to the Bay of Bengal through Jessore,
Khulna and Bagerhat districts.

This decline is due to the inadequate recharging of groundwater, said Prof Umme Kulsum Navera of Department of Water Resources Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet).

“We should reduce dependency on groundwater for both drinking and irrigation to protect our ecology and agriculture sector from any kind of destruction.

“Overuse of groundwater has various negative impacts on the soil and the environment. Salinity in soil is also increasing in southwestern region due to the fall in groundwater level caused by its overuse,” she added.

reporter- Sanjoy Chaki,
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On aired-03.06.12


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