the american lawn, and ways to cut it
Thursday, July 28th // 6-7:30pm, with a grand finale featuring sheep, oscillators, heavy amplification, bells, and push mowers starting at 7pm.

Chris Kallmyer and Machine Project are asking community members to bring their reel mowers down to the Walker Art Center to perform a composition celebrating the American lawn. You will participate in a large-scale, mobile-mower-orchestra with 50 other mowers covered in bells. The piece will be loosely choreographed and will be a lot of fun! If you are interested in participating you have to provide your own reel mower, but we will bring the bells (and the beer).

about the piece:
A three-part exploration of the American lawn, and ways to cut it. The song-cycle will begin with an amplified sheep cutting the grass of the Walker’s Open Field. The piece will continue with a duo of gasoline-powered ride-on-mowers with mounted oscillators tuned to the drone of their engines. Finally, community members with ‘acoustic’ push mowers will encircle listeners in a feat of amateur choreography and blissed-out-sonic-grass-cutting. The piece will serve to examine the sonic nature of the Walker’s Open Field, while giving the lawn a much needed trim.

please email to RSVP


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