Anthem: Crystal Cathedral Choir - "The Lord is My Light" Composer F. Allitsen. Arranger W. Stickles. The Crystal Cathedral Choir is directed by Don Neuen.

Interview: New York Tenors are comprised of three tenors: Michael Amante, Andy Cooney, and a long-time friend of this ministry, Daniel Rodriguez. Each of these three talented men bring their own unique story to the group. Daniel is known as America's beloved tenor; his talents coming to the forefront following the tragedy of 9/11. Michael is currently in seminary and uses his God-given talent to speak to those around the world. Andy began his singing career in Irish pubs and today performs around the world.

Music Guest: New York Tenors "Hallelujah." Composer Leonard Cohen. Arranger Michael Amante. Orchestrator Marc Riley.

Music Guest: New York Tenors "I Won't Turn My Back on You." Composer Carl Corcoran & Jimmy Kelly, Jr. Arranger Andy Cooney. Orchestrator Marc Riley.

Dr. Henry Cloud is one of the leading psychologists in America today. He has written over 20 books that have sold over six million copies. He's been a guest on CNN and the Fox News Channel, and has written articles for the New York Times, L.A. Times and the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Cloud co-hosts the nationally syndicated radio program called "New Life Live!" with Steven Arterburn. Dr. Cloud's latest book is entitled, The Law of Happiness. Today, he will deliver the message, "The Law of Happiness," based on his book.


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