Anthem: Hour of Power Choir - "If God Be For Us." Composer Douglas E. Wagner. The Hour of Power Choir is directed by Don Neuen.

Interview: Anne Hjelle - Nine years ago, Anne was one of two bikers attacked by a mountain lion in Whiting Ranch, Wilderness Park in Orange County, California. The other biker, Mark Reynolds was killed. Anne survived the attack with the help of her riding partner, Debi Nichols, and other bikers who happened upon the accident. Today, Anne has a new book entitled, "Skin Deep," where she talks of her struggles that included multiple facial reconstruction surgeries. Anne's book is available everywhere.

Music Guest: Antonio Carnota "I Surrender All." Composer J.W. Van De Venter; W.S. Weeden. Antonio Carnota was born in Galicia, Spain. He is a songwriter, who in addition to playing the piano, also plays a variety of instruments. Antonio was previously a professor of piano at the Conservatorio de Santiago de Compostela, Conservatorio Felipe 3, in Madrid. Antonio has performed all over the world, including Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Music Guest: Nita Whitaker "Twenty Three." Composer Scott Krippayne, Steve Siler, Tony Wood. Arranger Phillip Keveren. Nita is a singer and songwriter. She grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, and came to California to expand her music career. She married voice-over star Don LaFontaine and they had two daughters. Don passed away five years ago, and Nita has re-released her book "Finding My Voice" where she shares her journey through the grieving process. Nita also has a new CD entitled "One Voice." Both her book and CD are available everywhere.

Bobby Schuller is the son of Robert A. Schuller, and is the grandson to Crystal Cathedral founder Robert H. Schuller. Bobby is a graduate of Oral Roberts University, and has a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Bobby has a ministry in Orange, California, called The Tree of Life Community. He is the Hour of Power pastor. Today, Bobby will deliver the message, "The Easy Yoke of Jesus."


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