This is a quick look at how I setup the Letus 360 spin shots of the Talon Shoulder rigs ( Eric Kessler was kind enough to loan me a Kessler Turn table to test out. It's a fantastic little product! There are many, many uses beyond what I have done here.

This was shot on my little Canon HFS100. It's not professional grade work by any means but it gives you a brief look at the setup I am using.

Another, probably better way, to do this would be to setup more of a time lapse situation. Instead of shooting real-time video using the less than desirable DSLR codec with it's fun aliasing habits, this could be setup to take full resolution stills. I may actually try this out later as the end results would be much cleaner.

You can check out more info over at or if you like the look of the DSLR rigs, head over to


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