Video for "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment" Sigur Ros contest.

Fedotow Ruslan -
Zheludovich Nik -
Borsuk Sergey -
Alex Tsymbaliuk -
Khursevich Mikhail -

At first there was no plot, cause we had neither a director, nor time to search for one – the deadline was at hand. That’s why we decided to reduce the so much debated plot to zero and to construct the story upon sensually emotional base, upon apperception of our favourite Sigur Ros music. Accordingly, we knew not a verbal interpretation of the answer to a trite question “what is this video about?” A shrink, that dug the video’s idea, helped us. At once he told us, that video is written in the language of the unconscious: candor, repressed childhood feelings and fears: the birth, self-awareness, settling in the outer world, understanding the duality of personality, relationships with parents, fear of death. Everyone has notorious experiences, which, no matter how forgotten, perform momentous influence on the whole life. Especially significant, in his opinion, is the scene with apples: it helps understand that the story told through the visuals is in fact a story about one person, bipolar and in eternal search for a balance between the two entities. The finish of this fight is senility, the inner end of the struggle of opposites, a submersion. As in the video scene, where the characters are flowing through life in a confined space, a metaphor of which is the boat. And then they submerge into an integral element – water, becoming one.

It’s tricky to understand the half of the mentioned above, yet there lurks a feeling, a crazy feeling that someone interprets your work so easily, and does not falter in his interpretation.


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