My classes were only 20-25 minutes long today due to our half day schedule. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce my students to our new comment buddies on Artsonia. We used our computers, interactive whiteboard, and iPads to send comments.

Our "Comment Buddy Schools" are:
Dryden Elementary School:
Greenbrook Elementary School:
Lowes Island Elementary School:
Our B.A. Gallery:

B.A. artists will be admiring artwork on Artsonia and sending comments to artists who attend these schools. We will be receiving comments from these schools too. Parents, please be sure to approve comments when they arrive in your emails. You must approve them first before they will appear publicly in your child's gallery.

21st Century skills that students will learn by having comment buddies are listed below:

*Appropriate Digital Citizenship
*Art Appreciation
*How to self promote published online works
*Art and Literacy Connections
*How to use various forms of technology to communicate on a global scale with peers
*How to manage an online portfolio
*How to navigate online in a social platform.
*How to use the internet for inspiration and as a learning tool.


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