Filmed video performance by Lucy + Jorge Orta, 2012
Cinematography and editing by David Bickerstaff

Fabulae Romanae is a symbolic excursus across the city of Rome through the eyes of a series of ethereal Spirits who draw from archaeological and historical research Lucy + Jorge Orta conducted in Rome and observations on the cultural and social map of the city. As the film unfolds, these contemporary sentinels silently take over the city: we encounter the Traveler under the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge and in the Trastevere back streets; the Observer overlooking the Sacro Cuore dei Monti and the Isola Tiberina; the Tunneler and the Myth Maker in the Villa Gregoriana Park; the Flying Man, Chariot Rider, Memory Man, Bale Maker… all reflected through the verses of a narrated poem written by Mario Petrucci that was commissioned by the artists for the film.


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