Goodness short 3 of 5.

Goodness! 5500 KMS, 8 Days, 5 incredible stories

Silver Bullet Productions (SBP) has had the privilege to capture a truly remarkable collection of stories thanks to the “Goodness” campaign, the latest through the line advertising venture by Pick n Pay. It is an ensemble of stories showcasing the enabling efforts of the supermarket chain, efforts aimed at community and grassroots initiatives. They have been fostering and supporting various social, environmental and conservation projects that have been making a difference to communities on a local and national scale. SBP in conjunction with Aqua Online, Egg Films and Y & R were tasked to provide a platform for these stories. SBP was briefed to shoot 5 documentary short films across the country, west to east, locations varying from the sublime Goedgedacht olive groves of the Kasteelberg to the dusty streets of Soweto.

With time in limited supply and a quintet of stories as complex as they are diverse, SBP Director Wayne de Lange was up for the challenge. With the new “untested” 5D Mark 3 in hand, thanks considerable patience of ORMS Cape Town, SBP was off to document a few welcomed feel-good films with an exciting new piece of kit in their ever expanding production arsenal.

Each individual film is an illustration of the efforts of a few good South Africans and their involvement with Pick n Pay, from the Hoedspruit Endangered Wildlife Centre and its cheetah conservation and research mission, helping save the majestic cats along with other indigenous wildlife from rampant habitat destruction. Then to coaching underprivileged youths to competition level with the SA Junior Road Running Series, giving future athletes a chance to dream.
To the Goedgedacht Trust, whose long term commitment to nurturing has not only helped them produce good quality olive oil but helped countless youths break the poverty cycle.

All Seasons Milk had the crew witnessing many early mornings as they followed how milk production can empower rural women and farmworkers while helping local communities. The shoot lead the team to wildly unimaginable mythic furnaces that seem better suited in Tolkien literature than the Kwa-Zulu Natal Highveld. These kilns were operating around the clock manufacturing charcoal, the makers of an essential piece of the braai experience The Berry Hill Trading is a small business dream realised by the Pick n Pay’s mentorship programme.

A more than rigorous shooting schedule, thanks to locations spread from Malmesbury to Vryheid, inevitably needed the highly skilled and “think on the run” attitude that that defines SBP, bearing in mind it all had to be captured in just over a week, a bit of an SBP speciality. What seemed to be a herculean task on the onset resulted yet again in successfully producing creative work that is not only inspired but of a superior technical standard that has been associated with SBP and their award winning work. Moreover SBP was able to make positive films themed around people making a difference and share in a bit of “Goodness”.


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