Mexican photographer Mauricio Palos (born 1981) is no stranger to the whims and prejudices of immigration officials: "I was deported from London the first time I attempted to enter the United Kingdom," he records in My Perro Rano; "I was refused entry because they suspected I was going there to work." Here, Palos photographs the desperate hinterland that is Mexico and Central America.

My Perro Rano
Mauricio Palos
Rústica / Softcover
112 páginas
105 fotografías
16.5 x 22 cm
Puesta en página / Layout: Pablo Ortíz Monasterio
Diseño de cubierta / Cover Design: David Kimura + Gabriela Varela
Edición Bilingüe
ISBN RMV: 978-84-92480-94-4


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