Over three days 156 people from 6 continents gathered to have a holiday dinner together, screen to screen. From families separated to strangers meeting for the first time, we all toasted to this season of togetherness.

A little thing called facial tracking software allowed the people calling in to move their dolls by simply moving their faces. Making it as realistic as virtually possible.

It was pure joy to see and be a part of all the love.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Credits Virtual Holiday dinner.

Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
MD: Lee Newman
ECD: Mark Bernath+Eric Quennoy
Art Director: Thijs Biersteker
Copywriter: Simone Moessinger
Digital Producer: Arnaud Ronquillo
Developer: Tiago Varandas
Interactive engineers: Rnul interactive
Director/Editor: Robin Pijpers
Music: Pigeon Horse Sex Tennis

Mad thanks go to: the 156 people that reserved a seat, Skype in all its awesomeness, the brains of the people who developed the facial tracking software, Pam, Raymond and Jonny for awesome set building, Allister and Emma for server stress, the Weather Gods for the snow, Pigeon Horse Sex Tennis for the snowman and great tune. Arvid for sacrificing his Guns and Roses Collectable cigar from Axel Rose.

j vimeo.com/17768703

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