A short "car commercial" to showcase my friend's sweet tricked out STI.

Biggest reminder from this piece... wash the car before you shoot! The reflections really made some of the shots pop. The deep black paint job on the car certainly helped as well.

Sure, I wish I had a camera car, a 50 foot jib, a helicopter, and even a magic arm to attach the camera to the car, but since I don't have any of those great production tools (and why would I for such a simple shoot) I used what I had... tripod and a pocket dolly.

Some car specs (don't mean anything to me)
-330 horsepower
-339 feet of torque
-FP Green Turbo
-Defi Amber Gauges
-GR Spec Headers
-Invidia Downpipe
-Borla ZR-1 Exhaust
-Tuned to E85

Shot on lazy (freezing) afternoon in Colorado on a Canon 5D Mark ii

Music "Arrival of the Birds" by the Cinematic Orchestra, amazon.com/Crimson-Wing-Mystery-Flamingos-Soundtrack/dp/B001QI49RK

j vimeo.com/18378159

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