Following on from the Green Screen Time Lapse - 2-day shoot in 2 minutes, here is the same clip using the 'Blue and Green Screen' key function in Final Cut Pro. There is a view mode with 'source, matte, final' which looked interesting when processing so I created 4 separate video files and arranged into a 'quarter split screen' to show the matte (white on black - bottom left), I then inverted the matte so show black on white, you can see how sensitive the lighting is and how well evenly distributed it needs to be. Our DOP did a great job in balancing and diffusing the light. I've played with the colour level, tolerance, edge thin and edge feather as well as using color to contrast and achieve the maximum contract from the black on white matte's to maximise this demo. I've also used the 'edge detector' in color in black ad white mode, inverted to achieve the black edge on white effect. I will be looking for more excuses to use this neat effect.

A short film showing the complete 2-day, green screen shoot in 2 minutes using the EX1 time-lapse function. The project was for Advance UK who offer supported housing and living for people with learning disabilities or mental health problems.

The project was produced by Firebird Films and Dreambase Studios, with Infinite 8 providing the 'behind the scenes'. Filmed at Sandstorm Studios, England.

The team came together to make these two days interesting, professional and fun, not to mention the service users/actors Anthony, Claire, Theresa and Paul, all very professional with John Kay from Advance playing a blinding 5 roles and made us all laugh on more than one occasion. Cameo roles from Marie and Matt (Subject for Change) and even our director/dop Ross Mackenzie makes a cameo appearance too. We're already looking forward to the next project, but first Ross at Firebird Films has to create over 7,200 animated frames before this project is complete, with sound location, design and mix by Dreambase Studios. We look forward to the recording session in the studios.

Project Stats:
- Over 17 hours of filming in 2 days
- 61,200 HD frames
- 7,200 animated frames (eta July 2012)
- 192 slices of pizza
- 180 cups of tea/coffee/coke
- 40 minutes of time-lapse footage
- 19 cast and crew
- 6 battery changes
- 4 broken cups
- 2 broken trays
- 1 broken metatarsus

Director - Ross Mackenzie
Producer - Mark Kenna
Sound - Alex Hudd
Behind the Scenes - Darren Potter
Production Stills - Lis McDermott
Time lapse Edit - Mark Kenna

Production Companies:

Dreambase Studios

Firebird Films

Behind the scenes:

Infinite 8

Note: We cannot guarantee that nothing or no one got harmed during the making of this film...that would just be a lie.


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