Josh Hatton
Commercial and Film VFX
Shot Breakdown

Commercial spot of CG fiber optics done with Houdini and Mantra

Wrigley’s Gum
As Commercial Lead, particle effects done with Houdini and Mantra

The Day The Earth Stood Still
Dust fluid sim, nanoswarm particle effects, debris in Maya.

Explosive particle effects and debris, just a small part of what I did on that film as lead fx artist

AVP: Requiem
Nuclear blast effects done with Maya Fluids, volume shaders, and particles. Hospital destruction also includes Paint FX instances and procedural shattering

CG smoke added to practical chopper using Maya particles

FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer
CG rotors and debris, Invisible Girl's force field effect using deforming geometry and custom shaders

X-Men 2
Storm's tornado, Maya particles

Wrigley’s Gum
Particle swarm and volumetrics done with Houdini/Mantra

AVP: Requiem
CG smoke trails, impact dust and debris using particles and custom volume shader

Bubbles and underwater jump effect using particles and Maya fluids

Benjamin Button
Lead Effects TD, established realflow pipeline for steamboat sequences

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Sequence Lead and effects artist, particles and simulations done using Maya and Houdini

Debris and dust to augment building transformation, Houdini

Liberty Mutual
Commecial Lead, CG aumentation of practical debris, rigid body simulations with keyframed animation, lighting done in Maya/mental ray.

Bundaberg Rum
Supervisor, set extension, monolith bottle and golden doves done with Houdini/Mantra


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