We came from a coconut, we came from a pineapple.

Mother Popcorn was called upon to communicate to our ancestors on saturn, the moon, planet earth and other planets who’s names we can not pronounce with our human voice.

We use drums to communicate. For centuries, drums have been used as a form of long distance communication, healing, and are considered sacred because they allow the player to create the heartbeat of the earth.

Mother Popcorn is a musical and visual art collaboration between Adee Roberson (New Bloods, Kill Rock Stars) and Anna Luisa Petrisko (Jeepneys, Human Ear Music).

You can see more of their work at motherpopcorncandy.tumblr.com or facebook.com/pages/MOTHER-POPCORN/224785454240734

Larry Armoire is a pretty boy space prince who is very glad to meet you. (nicedogblog.tumblr.com)

j vimeo.com/37322077

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