Baker Bootleg



Jim Greco
Ali Boulala
Andrew Reynolds
Lil Eric
Heath Kirchart
Matt Dove/PR Matt
Dustin Dollin
Ali Cairns
Brian Sumner
Jeff Lenoce
Warner Ave. Mob Piss Drunx
Elissa Steamer
Willy Santos
Atiba Jefferson
Coung Ling
Tung Tran
Marcelle Johnson
Brad Hayes
Tony Hawk
Sammy Baptista
Brian Emmers
Dylan Gardner
TONS more...
Way back before there was Baker Skateboards, there was this little underground skateboard video called Baker Bootleg. It has nothing to do with any specific skateboard company. It was just a bunch of skateboard footage from skaters like: Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco, Brian Sumner and Ali Boulala. Actually there were a lot of video parts in there, but those are some of the bigger names that come to mind.

This is the video that sets the tone and style for what Baker Skateboards was going to become. It really is the first Baker video. It's funny because there was a video for the company before a skateboard company ever formed. So if you want to see some young Reynolds and Greco footage this is the video where it's at.

This video circulated and became quite popular. Soon enough two skateboard companies formed from this video (well sorta). The first company was Baker Skateboards and the other was Bootleg Skateboards. Baker was started by Andrew Reynolds and Bootleg was started by J. Strickland. Unfortunately Bootleg didn't last as long as Baker.

Your parents are going to hate this video, that’s why you’ll love it. The video is self-proclaimed, “100-percent raw, shitty filming, unauthorized, parental-guidance suggested” and that’s the truth. Not really a skate video, not really a CKY-type video, the Baker Bootleg is the redheaded stepchild of the Warner Ave. Crew. Speaking of red, the promo copy came in a old porno box spraypainted red with a bonus cigarette lighter inside. So what’s in this piece? Old and new skate footage of Andrew Reynolds, some unreleased digital footage from The End, people getting repeatedly hit in the face by a remote control car, and kids causing trouble documented by the vigilante video camera. It’s lovely.


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