Kotlin is a modern statically typed language targeting JVM and JavaScript and intended for industrial use. The main goal behind this project is to create a language that would be a good tool for developers, i.e. will be safe, concise, flexible, 100% Java-compatible and well-supported by IDE and other tooling. Kotlin is an open-source project lead by JetBrains, a leading IDE vendor.

Kotlin is currently under development, but we can already write code in it. Many features are complete, some are being stabilized. And IDE plugin for IntelliJ IDEA is available, and the Web Demo (kotlin-demo.jetbrains.com/) site offers a zero-configuration environment for writing, running and sharing Kotlin code.

In this session we give an overview of Kotlin focusing on the needs of Java developers:

Maintaining mixed Java/Kotlin project.
Making JDK libraries better with extensions and higher-order functions.
Using Java frameworks in Kotlin.
Kotlin build tools.
Read more about Kotlin on the project homepage (jetbrains.com/kotlin).

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