Neuronal Synchrony or N • S is a local web application to dynamically generate animations in real time. This video is a live recording of myself running and playing the software to music, Panoramic by Lusine. As a result it is a single shot of my computer’s desktop. Neuronal Synchrony interfaces through the midi controller Monome 128, a device typically used for creating, sequencing, and modifying music in realtime. As such an interface it works well alongside a DJ, musician, or band to accompany audio like the video here. When you hit a button an animation begins. When you hit three buttons a chord of animations starts.

For more information on the project including the genesis, concept, interviews, technical specifications, and posters check out my website ( )

Neuronal Synchrony is commissioned by GAFFTA ( ), audio for the demonstration video by Lusine ( ) and graciously licensed by Ghostly ( )


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