I Multicore World, 27-28 March 2012, Wellington - New Zealand.

Abstract - Multicore Computing, Green Computing and Cloud Computing can be productively interlinked. Increasing overall energy efficiency is both financially and environmentally responsible. Cloud Computing facilitates aggregation of servers and collection of workloads so as to maximise economies of scale in power, communications and cooling technology. Finally, Multicore CPUs provide better performance per Watt than increased frequencies on the less parallel architectures of previous processors, and have unique forms of processing consolidation to offer. Our research examines two key aspects of Cloud Computing workloads: (1) applying novel scheduling policies that may employ periods of higher power usage in order to produce lower overall energy consumption, and (2) taking advantage of the particular processing consolidation options that multicore CPUs can provide. Performing experiments on 16-core servers, we aim to rapidly and automatically classify processing workloads at run-time, so as to optimally balance overall energy consumption with process completion times.

Dr. David Eyers. Lecturer. Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand

Before joining the University of Otago Computer Science Department, David worked as a senior research associate at the University of Cambridge, from where he was awarded his PhD. He has undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering and Maths from UNSW in Sydney, Australia.

David's research interests are in distributed systems, particularly regarding security enforcement and data dissemination mechanisms within wide-area applications. This has become particularly relevant within cloud computing: large-scale public services, such as electronic health record repositories, must manage sensitive data in a secure manner.

David's desire to examine green computing, and to become more involved with distribution at the level of CPU cores, has been met by him joining the Otago Systems Research Group, and its existing research projects in those fields

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