Edilson Nascimento, the boy from Brazil, now living in NYC and billed as Top Male Model. Everyone still wants to get their hands on this guy.

Edílson Nascimento was born on April 1, 1986 in Paraíba, Brazil. Edilson loves sports, particularly the martial arts. He learned judo at a young age and eventually earned the coveted black belt.

At age 16, Edilson took his first steps as a model during Paraíba Fashion Week, earning praise from the media. Due to the time he was dedicating to judo competitions, he withdrew from modeling.

Edilson competed in the Mr. Brazil 2007 contest; he didn't win the title but the other contestants voted him the title of "Mr. Congeniality", a well-deserved tribute to his warm, friendly, easy going personality.

Edilson was signed by a major model agency in 2008, and the rest his history. He has appeared in numerous fashion shows and on the cover of several magazines, including "International Jock".

Edilson moved to the United States in 2009. He currently lives in NYC, frequently models in Los Angeles, and has reached super model status in less than two years.

Edilson Nascimento


j vimeo.com/49662968

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