Timescape Entertainment in association with Gravitywell Productions and X-Force Martial Combat presents Matt Wagner's Grendel -- a fan film

Director -- Michael C. Poole
Producers -- John Duza, Michael C. Poole & Phil Roberts
Based on Grendel: Devil by the Deed by Matt Wagner
Screenplay -- Michael C. Poole & Gabriel Pan

Argent -- John Duza
Grendel -- James Flores
Hunter Rose -- Mick Towers
Christine Spar -- Val Vega
Voice of Christine Spar -- Jamie Hill
Surveilance -- Jamie Hughes III
Police -- Eric Atilano, Bart Cameron, Cat Clegg, Jason Lethert & Matt Morgan

Executive Producer -- Dale Ahvakana & Joseph Pozo
Associate Producers -- Mark Behar, Greg Langewisch, Michael Langewisch, Judy Musselman & Shawn Turek

Music Courtesy of Amphibious Zoo Music

Cinematographers -- "Evil" Dave Downes, Justin Edelman, Kylie Gard, Ethan Leonard II, Joe Tamez, Mikey Thomas & Ricky Valenzuela

Assistant Director -- Gabriel Pan
Line Producer -- "Evil" Dave Downes
Fight Choreography -- John Duza & James Flores
Fx and Makeup -- Brittany Duncan & Kelli Wiley
Hair and Makeup for Val Vega -- Olga Villareal
Continuity -- Phil Cochran
2nd Assistant Camera -- Sam Perez
Grendel stand in -- Manual Parra
Grip, Teleprompter, Blood Distribution -- Marci Bretts
Props -- Jebediah White
Grendel masks - Joan Matheson
Set Photographer -- Bart Cameron & Brian Lavallie
Editing & Visual Effects by Michael C. Poole

Bart Cameron
Clarke Smith

Special thank you to:
Terry King
Jeff Cotta of the 10th Avenue Theater
Mike "BossMan" Hardin and the downtown Hodad's crew

j vimeo.com/98009132

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