"Replace Clothes With Paint" Session with Oliver "The Boxer". This is part of a performance series showing people being transfered from their "real" world into Neil Curtis own art-world. Please also watch:

NEW: THE GOTHIC PUNK: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/gothicpunk
THE NEW YORK PERFORMANCE: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/usa

THE GUY FROM THE RED CROSS: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/redcross | THE WOODWORKER: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thewoodworker | THE WOODWORKER – Alternative Version: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thewoodworker1 | THE DRUNK GUY: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thedrunkguy | THE ARMY RECRUIT: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thearmyrecruit | THE ENCORE: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theencore |THE PIANIST: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thepianist | THE GUY FROM MUNICH: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfrommunich | THE GUY FROM L.A.: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theguyfromla | RAFFI REVERSED: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/raffireversed | THE THIEF: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thethief | THE ATOMIC BOY vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theatomicboy | THE BOXER vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theboxer | THE MECHANIC: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/themechanic | THE PROFESSOR: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/theprofessor | THE FIRST SESSION: vimeo.com/neilcurtis/thefirstsession

j vimeo.com/66712683

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