- Setting up the C1-C3 presets for video shooting

Based on the excellent video tutorial by Tyler Ginter vimeo.com/7622493

The neutral picture style (Saturation -1) is from hurlblog:

Tutorial Playlist: vimeo.com/album/203339

Handout: d.pr/f/pISd

This video tutorial was originally created as a hands-on Canon 7D training guide for the video team at our church. It is meant for 100% beginners who never used the awesome Canon 7D before.

This tutorial was filmed right after my son was born, which is why I look really, really out of it. So please excuse the really rough nature of this tutorial. Hopefully, you'll learn some helpful tips.

Part of Gracepoint's Multiply Your Talents Training

j vimeo.com/10742575

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