This video was done very spontaneously without much preparation. It combines impressions from the practice in the Zen Center (ZC), the ZC itself, with material showing the surrounding and the busy nightlife in the street, where the ZC is located. Usually there are 10-12 people showing up for practice on a regular basis. In this video it is just the older students filling in for the video since it was a very spontaneous shooting.

The ZC is holding a regular practice weekdays early in the morning and is open for evening practice twice the week. Throughout the year there are shorter and longer retreats taking place.

Since more than 3 years the ZC is located in a very busy and noisy area, on one of the main streets in the famous part of Dresden that is called "Dresden-Neustadt". Famous for it's colorful, artistic and open minded social community with a wild nightlife, many bars, cafes and pubs. The ZC is based on the 4th floor of an old house at street "Louisenstraße". On the door to the meditation room we have a quote from Zen Master Seung Sahn hanging saying "Finding quiet in quiet, is not true quiet. Finding quiet in noisy, that's true quiet."

The Zen Center follows the tradition of the Kwan Um School of Zen, founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn. We moved the ZC into this flat more than 3 years ago. I lived, practiced there and co-managed this ZC since it was founded in 2006 until I moved out just recently in 2012.

Thanks to everyone for making this video!


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