Reel breakdown

1. LionTaur
-A half Lion half Human creature.
-Rig features:- Multiple stretchy spines,stretchy legs,
IK/FK seamless switching in arms, Dynamic Hair
Driven Joints Tail, Full body Muscle Simulation.
-Contribution:- Model, Rigging, Muscles,Skinning,
-Maya 2011 and Maya 2012

2. Gorilla AutoRig
-An autorigging tool scripted in MEL which can be used
for different characters.
-Rig features:-Can be used to rig bipeds as well as
quadruped characters.
-Has the functionality of animating between biped and
quadruped rig types.
-Contribution:- Model, AutoRig MEL & Python based
script, Rigging, animation.
-Maya 2010

3. Motorcycle
-Motorcycle rig with basic controls, Terrain detection,
Sticky wheels Used the AutoRig tool for the rider.
-Contribution:- Texturing,Rigging, Animation
-Maya 2010

4. Car Rig
Vehicle rig with basic controls, terrain detection and
sticky wheels.
Dynamic suspension driven by spring constraints and
maya expressions.
Contribution :- Rigging
Model Credit :-
Maya 2011

5. Facial Rig
-Blendshapes and Joints based facial rig with a
-Graphical User Interface
-Contribution:- Model, Texturing,Rigging
-Maya 2010

6. Red Sophia Rig
Fully functional biped rig created with my Autorig
script, hair driven dynamic bouncing breasts.
To be used in the Cerebus Animated Film.
Contribution :- Rigging
Maya 2011
Model Credit :- Oliver Simonsen (Cerebus Animated

Reel compiled with Aftereffects CS4


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