Hey people,

Here's a landboarders perspective of Moose meet 2011. It starts off with a 46km "nuke" of muriwai beach to get to the dunes. Then camping in the dunes for 4 days. Nothing but beach, dunes, waves, wind. No cell phone, not McD's, TV , interweb, myface or any mod cons. Take what you you need in and then out again.

Its an epic time of kiting until you bleed then kite some more then talk about kiting.... then do some night kiting.... then maybe catch some sleep to get up at dawn for a dawn breaker kiting session.

Ahhhhhh. epic times indeed.

Any way i've been waiting for 3 years to ride the sand dunes on a landboard. I developed my own monster board for the task but still needed hardish dunes for it to work. This time we have a perfect set up to the week with 3-4 days of hard rain before hand. This allowed me to hammer the dunes on the landboard. Once the sun came out and started to dry the dunes out I discovered i could still ride the real dry soft dunes with gobs of unrelenting power and lots of speed and crashing

j vimeo.com/31279185

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