Reclaiming agency over our bodies' representation (within the context of art), to be performed repeatedly in attempt to achieve communal breakdown of constraints, and the building of support and respect for the importance of such a performance within the institution.

Patty Farias and Lanie Chalmers

Within the confines of the art institution the nude body exists in a contradictory state. It seeks at once to explore the marginalization of its history in Art, and yet, given the position of its location within the institution only furthers its isolation as well as its ability to be recontextualized as a site of ideological progression. When performed within the institution the body becomes an artifact; a reminder that history continues to operate as usual. This can be attributed to the fact that one can only interpret the body within the art institution to the degree that we can locate its significance within the medium: sculpture; photography; print; painting; design. This performance is interested in taking the performing body out of context in an attempt to gain insight into the effect that destabilizing the foundation of interpretation can have on the body within the institution. The paradoxical nature of the performance lies within the impotence of the act; for as much as it aims to complicate the discourse of the body, it somehow continues to reinforce its fate as art object within the context in which it's presented.


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