Thanks to Mauro Zinni, in 2012 History channel gave us the privilege to develop one of their most important animated pieces. A 30 second Ident which takes us through the history of humanity, a pretty nice challenge. A non-stop tale starting with the dicovery of fire, Gutenberg's Printing Press, the industrial revolution, the DNA chain structure, the man on the moon and many more. Indeed a beautiful working experience for the team. Here in Plenty we hope you enjoy the journey.

Directed by: Plenty
Art Director: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Art Conceptboards: Andres Reisinger, Elda Broglio & Pablo Alfieri
Animatic: Claudio Iriarte
3D Design: Andres Reisinger
3D Modeling: Daniel Bel, Sebastian Curi, Claudio Matias Pach & Andres Reisinger
3D Animation: Hernan Estevez, Jules Guerin & Mariano Farias
3D Rendering & Lighting: Andres Reisinger & Sebastian Curi
Compositing & Postproduction: Matias Mastrogiano, Sebastian Curi
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2012
Client: Fox International Channels Italy
Art Direction: Mauro Zinni
Original Music and Sound Design: Stefano Maccarelli


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