Conceptual Practices
Jill Lerner
Sometime in early January

This project was the second adaptation of our first project. We were each given a word, mine being "dark," and were to interpret it in any way we wanted.

The first time I made a pen drawing because we only had less than a class period to work. The second time I decided to do a performance piece.

My idea was focused on mark making, class participation, and chaos. I made a light fixture with fishing line for the students to pull and tug. I wanted to have no idea of where or how fast the light was moving but hopefully enough to keep me running everywhere. I taped down a huge roll of paper and had 4 pie tins filled with different colored paint. I chose purple, pool blue, country tan, and black. As for tools I used my hands and duct taped sponges on my feet. (which made me slide like crazy!) The chaos part was helped by blasting halloween noises from a tape recorder and my friend Jeffrey Heart tapping drumsticks on random objects. At the end I had the class cut, rip, or whatever they wanted out a piece from the floor, give them the freedom to draw/paint/spraypaint/or any way of manipulating the piece, post it on the wall, and write a word that describes what theirs is. I had originally wanted at the end, everybody to construct a big final piece, but I was really nervous and it didn't happen.

I was pretty pleased with the end result and I hope the class enjoyed it. Oh, and the audio got lost when I was editing so I added a track by Mr. Scruff titled "Fish." It has nothing to do with it but I think it runs well haha. word up


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