"Luminous City" is the second installment in the "ODD NY" series. Following up from the previous chapter "Mapping", this one takes us into the city after dark where the environment is constructed of lights. Or…is it the structure that creates the lights?

"Luminous City" peers into the little portals of light that compose our view of the NYC nightscape, observing the lives and worlds unique to each window. This portrait of NYC at night culminates with a re-imagined view of a city with no facades - just the windows themselves - existing as an entity free of any structure, and a life of it's own.

Link to ODD NY Chapter 1 "Mapping"

Link to ODD NY Chapter 3 "Temporary Zones"


Production Company: Supply&Demand 

Executive Producer: Tim Case, Charles Salice

Post Production: ODD-NY

Director: Gary Breslin

HOP for S&D: Alexis Kaplan

HOP for ODD: Matthew Turke

Producer: Daniel Navetta @APK

DP: Shawn Kim

Music: Kevin Ferguson @ Boiler Room

Mix: Craig LoGiudice @ Sound Lounge

j vimeo.com/57561557

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