Atagamaton by Scott Amos & David Parfit
Video by Cassie at

Atagamaton lets a user control electro-mechanical devices salvaged from gutted film projectors, old typerwriters, radios and other "obsolete" technologies to produce unique sounds and movements. To play Atagamaton, a user simply moves their hands over top of any of the nine devices.

This is the second project in G++’s Interactive Film & Video Series. The series pairs five film and video artists with the team of interaction designers and engineers at Limbic Media to produce five interactive window-front multimedia installations. The Interactive Film & Video Series at G++ was made possible through the joint BC Film/BC Arts Council Interactive Fund.

About G++
G++ is a window-front art gallery located at 1119 Fort Street, Victoria BC. The gallery is the first in Victoria to focus exclusively on interactive multimedia. The space has been donated for use by Limbic Media, a company that specializes in real-time interactive multimedia control technologies for use in entertainment markets, education, research and the fine arts.

Limbic Media
Cassie O'Neil


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