Canadian composer Omar Daniel discusses 'Prologue, Entr'act and Postlude' (2012), his new work for voice and live interactive electronics. Commissioned by Soundstreams with the support of the Ontario Arts Council, this work was premiered during our 'Celebrate with Soundstreams' 30th Anniversary Gala Concert on October 11, 2012 at Koerner Hall in downtown Toronto (Canada).

'When Lawrence Cherney approached me about the piece, he suggested a work that would exist ‘outside’ of the standard concert presentation. So, we decided that the work would take place in the lobby of Koerner Hall, and be performed before the audience enters the hall (Prologue), during the intermission (Entr’acte), and as the patrons leave the hall (Postlude). We also decided that the inclusion of electronics might be interesting, so as to use the lobby space ‘spatially’. Prelude has a ‘secret’ component to it that will be revealed when patrons enter the lobby area, followed by a setting of R.M. Rilke’s 'An die Musik' for soprano and live electronics.
The singer invites the patrons into the concert hall. Entr’acte is a fanfare-like piece for clarinet and electronics, signaling the end of intermission. Postlude is scored for solo trumpet, snare drum and soprano scattered throughout the lobby'.

Omar Daniel (2012)


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