The patrol ultralight aircraft - easy, compact, simple in use and assembly, the aircraft have good flight characteristics, are used modern eco-materials.
This object is intended for fire-prevention patrol, patrol of reserves zones, ice and trade investigation, search and rescue works.
The purpose to make flight on UA more available, safe and economic.
The wing - represents system of blocks from a framework and from fitted by synthetic fiber, blocks are joined by means of special connections, forming a monolithic wing. Assembly is made from blocks which understand easily and transported.
The average module of a wing is a basic element to which fasten: management wheel, motor and suspension bracket fastenings. At the edges of a wing control units - elevons, for maneuvers .
The design of a support assembly of the pilot is completely developed from the point of view of ergonomics. The person is in optimum situation for flight, avoiding strong overloads.
The support assembly represents a design from carbon fiber, taking into account ergonomics of the person in situation that promotes smaller overloads at take off and landing, the pilot is tired, therefore, less time of flight increases. Perforation of fixture is the constructive decision allowing to reduce a material expense. To a fixture the system from three wheels fastens, lobbies the wheel has the shock-absorber for loading mitigation at take off and landing.
It allows to reach the speed reaching 30-90 kilometers per hour, soaring up thus up to 4000 m.
The engine is presented in 3х basic modifications:
- one electric E 200 (with a 20-kilowatt motor) + accumulator recharge by solar batteries attached to a wing (modification)
- two petrol – 240 (with the engine of 24 h.p.) and 260/300 (35 h.p.).
In the presented modifications we can choose the suitable engine on power, including electric, with what absence - or harmful emissions. All these engines are in production and have certificates.
Management manual (all governing bodies are located on a wheel)


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