About the Movie
Six horrible and desperate individuals, unkown to eachother, whose lives meet in a torrid day in an arid desert of the West, united in a common destiny.
A spaghetti western seasoned with shit, blood, sex, money, teeth, teddy bears, flies, beans gone bad and a bullet here and there.

W.C. - Western Closet is a western short film written and directed by Luca Franco and Saba Salvemini and will be shot in september of 2012. The short film will be shot in Puglia (Italy) in the National Park of Alta Murgia. The project has won the Apulia Film Fund Competition 2012.

“W.C. – Western Closet” tells the story about some strange and desperate individuals whose lives meet in a torrid day in an arid desert of the West. A thirsty and hungry lost cowboy lost in the desert. A peasant woman that lives alone with the memory of her dead husband. A fool who’s morbidly attached to an old teddy bear. A good bad guy, but bad, but also good. A jealous whore looking for revenge. A lonely and horny sheriff. Their walk, their stupidity and a series of unfortunate events lead them to get to know each other, collide, hate, love and in the and kill each other.

A short film about human stupidity, brutality, misfortune and that bond that unites us all: chance… and about our common destiny: death. A tragic comic dance about human condition.

This project, a part from our artistic and personal motives, also wants to be an homage to the grand second class italian western cinema during the seventies and to its masters such as Enzo Barboni, Sergio Corbucci and many others.

Who We Are
Producer of the shortfilm are Areté Ensemble, TIEFILM and Zerottanta Produzioni. Areté Ensemble is an italian (Bari) based production company consisting of Saba Salvemini and Annika Strøhm that collaborates with TIEFILM (Luca Franco) and Zerottanta Produzioni (Ermes Di Salvia and Annagiulia D'Onghia). We write, shoot, direct, edit and act in our theatre and movies productions.
In 2011 we produced a 10-minute film entitled "Il compleanno di Sofia/Sofia's birthday" shooted in Oslo, Norway. It won:PRIZE “BEST SHORTFILM” Genova Film Festival (Obiettivo Liguria)(Ita); PRIZE “BEST SHORTFILM” FuoridelComune Festival (Ita); PRIZE “BEST ACTRESS” PiemonteMovieFestival (Ita); PRIZE “BEST SOUND” Wordless Film Festival (Ita). Presented at BiF&est Festival di Bari “Sez. Cinema e Puglia” (Ita)– “Schermi Irregolari 2011″ (Ita) - Festival del Cinema Europeo – Puglia Show (Ita) - Skepto Film Festival (Ita) - Fuori del Comune Film Festival (Ita), Foggia Film Festival (Ita), Trani Film Festival (Ita), International Short Film Festival Detmold (Ger), David di Donatello (Ita), Acquedolci Indipendent Film Festival-AIFF (Ita), Lago Film Festival, Siff (Ita), Salento International Film Festival (Ita), Pentedattilo Film Festival (Ita). Registered in the ShortFilm Corner 2011 – Cannes (Fra) - Marché du Court Métrage – Clermont-Ferrand 2012 (Fra). Registered in the Anica Catalogue 2011 (Catalogue of Italian Short Film Production).

How to Help
We are grateful for any amount donated to this campaign. Each and every dollar will be used to create the highest quality movie. And even if you can't chip in, you can still help! Please share this campaign with friends and family.This is the most elaborate and complex movie we've ever written. Because the scope is so large, we'll need help financing just about everything. That includes:
Props // Sets // Costumes // Transportation // Equipment Rentals // Permits // Food for Cast & Crew // Post Work // Horses// etc.
With your help we would like to shoot with a RED Scarlet camera in stead of the Canon5.
Future Plans
Upon completion W.C. - Western Closet will be sent to every film festival possible, buyers and distributors. Once making the rounds in the festival circuit and buyers W.C. Western Closet will be available online for everyone to see, for free.

Who is involved
Producers: Areté Ensemble, TIEFILM and Zerottanta Produzioni; Partners: ResExtensa (Ba),Explorer (Ba), Associazione culturale Dionisio (Ge), APFC - Apulia Film Commission (Ba), Parco NAzionale dell'Alta Murgia (Ba).
Actors Saba Salvemini,Annika Strøhm, Davide Paganini, Michele Cipriani, Massimiliano Caretta e Francesca Montanaro
Photography:Marzio Mirabella, Assistent director:Ermes Di Salvia, Scenography:Marta Marrone, General Organizer: Anna Giulia D’Onghia, Sound editing: Filippo Quaglia, Graphic arts 3D: Carmine Agnone, Sound Technician: Vincenzo Urselli, Make up: Arianna Lumare

j vimeo.com/48290820

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