Orphaned as a teen, dove into boxing, Eastern philosophy, and dance in his search for love, purpose, and spiritual fulfillment. As an athlete, artist, and spiritual seeker, he became an erotic dancer and instructor in Japan and China, where he also studied martial arts and healing massage. After moving back to the United States, he studied Tantric disciplines and worked as a fitness trainer and erotic dance teacher. Now a sought-after “romantic fitness” expert, Billy has combined his understanding of spirituality, sexuality, and fitness into his proprietary Fit for Love program. He currently teaches classes and workshops in San Francisco and in Marin County, California, where he lives.

Spiritual fitness is our ability to deal with difficulty and stresses of life. We see a lot of people, first allowing themselves to be stressed then reacting to stress by distracting themselves with alcohol, drugs, smoking, over eating, retail therapy, gambling—even misused sex. The problem with these self-distractions is that they often result in self-destruction. As a spiritually fit person, we learn to practice positively responding rather than negatively reacting to situations. We master ourselves and in doing so, learn to master life by turning obstacles into opportunities. You learn to turn obstacles into opportunities saying, “I get to,” instead of “I have to”—big difference! As a result we are more resilient, yet more compassionate and patient with ourselves–and others. Building this inner strength—this spirit—helps keep self-destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviors at bay and instead we turn towards self-fulfillment through expansion, growth and love (and a little laughter while we are at it!). The purpose of my work is to assist in the practice of building, blending and balancing your conscious energy with your creative/sex energies so you can thrive in your life, love life and personal relationship.
Years ago when I was teaching in Miami a student asked why I never went on vacation.
“What is the purpose of going on vacation?” I answered.
“To relax—enjoy yourself and have some fun,” they responded.
“Funny,” I said, “that sounds a lot like my work!”
I like to say, I don’t have a purpose—my purpose has me! But all that really means is that I love what I do. There is no greater joy for me than to watch someone learn to love and feel great about themselves. To witness them going from I can’t and I’m not, to I can and I am!
So what is my mission in my work with Fit for Love? Simply put, my mission is to help you put into practice methods to dynamically and symbiotically reach your full spiritual and sexual capacity. To help you be fit—to, for, from and because of love. In seeing and understanding yourself more clearly you will see and understand others more clearly. You will judge less yet reflect and understand more, much much more. Then you will become that which you seek most, admit it or not—love/truth!

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