Tripping through Europe, sleeping in ruins, caves and unfinished houses I often felt a bit like an outdoor down-and-out. Now finally, I dedicated a boulder to our non-climbing brothers in spirit: Parmi les clochards (“Among down-and-outs”) is situated exactly where I want to live if climbing doesn’t turn out as a solution to make my living. Under a waterproof bridge, near a river deep enough for bathing, in a picturesque old town setting and – well – just next to some more boulders: In the historical center of Fribourg.

The 16 moves on tuff rock on that bridge built in 1746 demands primarily pocket climbing, a high precision and a solid finger skin. It is the hardest boulder in the canton of Fribourg and actually - I found out - it is my hardest non traversing one as well :)

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