Label: Exploited
LC: 15799
Artist: Homework
Title: Hudson Square EP
Vinyl-Distribution: Rubadub (limited to 250 Vinyl!)
Digital-Distribution: Finetunes

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Early support by Soulwax, Digitalism, Brodinski, Sinden, Feadz, Claude Von Stroke, Laurent Garnier, DJ T, DJ Hell, Jesse Rose, Soul Clap, Round Table Knights, Andre Crom+Martin Dawson, CatznDogs, Axel Boman, Brother's Vibe, Trickski, Hudson Mohawke.

Following their head turning "Fissa Tune EP" on Exploited and another storming EP ("Trumpet Express") on Made to Play, here is the new release by Homework: "Hudson Square EP": 4 infectiously catchy tracks! Homework's debut "Fissa Tune" has been getting plays from a who is who in dancemusic. With a full schedule of international gigs (including Berlin's Panoramabar), top remixes in the pipeline (Round Table Knights ect.) and an upcoming guestrelease on Snatch! (Riva Starr's label), Homework provide a unique and diverse sound and guarantee serious business.
Homework (comprised of Zip & Tom) succeed in something many other people haven’t lately: making dance music that’s equally satisfying for your feet and brain.

Homework's new EP "HUDSON SQUARE" on EXPLOITED is pure revisionist nostalgia. The "HUDSON SQUARE"-EP goes beyond what they had laid out with their previous productions, exploring the soulful&discofied sides of house music and proving once again that Homework will never cling too long to one style or genre. Homework remain commited to pushing all genres of dance music forward and that's why they fit perfect on EXPLOITED. Homework are there to set musical trends, rather than to follow them. Or to put it in Dr. Cornel West's words: "You have to be able to cut against the grain, get the distance from your peer group."

Soulwax (2 Many DJs/One Man Party): "Warm funky house tracks dipped in chocolate. Will play! Reminds of La Funk Mob days."
Digitalism (Kitsune): "Nice EP. Really like it."
Laurent Garnier (F-Com): "Disco bomb!"
Brodinski (Turbo): "This is sick as usual. Homework didnt do any mistake and I love them."
Soul Clap (Wolf&Lamb): "Nice looped out discoey jams."
Jesse Rose (MTP): "Liking the latest single, deep but groovy."
Sinden (Grizzly/Counterfeet): "Funky!"
Round Table Knights (Made to Play): "YES! Loving this EP. Full support from the Roundies. BIG!"
Mercury (Gomma): "Hold Me Tight...big time...favourite."
Axel Boman (Pampa): Oh yes! It shivers down my spine. Funk all over my body. I love this so much! Especially 'whipped cream' and 'hudson square'. Magic ear candy!!
Andre Crom&Martin Dawson (Off): "Biggest props for Homework and this great EP. A fan of "i got one" already and this is a great follow-up. Will play and chart most definitely!"
CatznDogs (Mothership/Get Physical): "We like Homework more than candys."
Pol_On (Pets/Freerange): "I'm Into This is really nice !!!"
Kasper Bjorke (Mirau): "I feel taken back and I love it. Full support from Copenhagen."
Brother's Vibe (SOM Underground): "Wicked Stuff."
Pezzner (Freerange/Om Records): "Homework does no wrong. I'm into all these! Full support."
Hudson Mohawke (Warp): "Yeah!"


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