Share is an initiative Stillmotion started in 2012 around the idea of telling meaningful stories that the world needs to hear. Old Skool Cafe was our first project for Share and was created at no cost to the organization. For our EVO workshop this year, we incorporated the idea of Share and worked with 3 non-profits so that the student filmmakers could get real world experience making a film in 48 hours that was meaningful.

This is film created by attendees at our EVO workshop in San Fran this November.

A Stillmotion team member acted as director and a group of 5 filmmakers (3 of which hadn't shot on DSLR) had 48 hours to meet their non-profit, plan the shoot, prep their gear, go through production, and then also finish it in post and present to the class. Congrats to the team of Matt, Gwyn, Josep, Patricia, and Ron for putting something together that will be so helpful to MMAP.

Quite an accomplishment and a very meaningful story for an incredible group of people at MMAP.

The group chose to shoot on Canon MK3s with a 24-70 and a small prime lens kit. They chose a monopod and an Atlas FLT for the majority of their movement. Lighting was done with a Kino Gaffer kit as well as a couple Lowel Pro Lights.

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