3D animation of the house over the stream, from Arquitect, amancio williams, that we made in our studio in 2006 for a project of the "Buenos Aires Architects College" to restore the house to his original state.

This is full documentary animation, wich include real footage and explanations of the project and his history.

The music soundtrack is from the composer Amancio Williams, father of the architect and owner of the house.

Casa sobre el arroyo, Amancio Williams, 1945
Animación 3D realizada para el Colegio de arquitectos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, en el marco de un proyecto de restauracion de esta obra de patrimonio realizada por el Arq. Amancio Williams

Realizada por Estudio Sanzaro Arquitectura Digital
Mar del Plata, Buenos aires, Argentina

Versión corta(solo 3D):vimeo.com/1907837

j vimeo.com/6015384

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