The logistical and manpower requirements of an Indian wedding are immense.

Over this 4 day celebration, work was spread across just 3 camerapersons. Ceremonies usually start at 10-11 and the nightly parties last until 5-6 in the morning.

We barely survived.

Now doing the SDE was an entirely different matter altogether.

The amount of DATA to be captured, catalogued, combed through and edited was massive. I have not encountered anything like it all these years in weddings.

Difficult and intimidating - Yes. Impossible - No.

Two important commands in Premiere Cs5 that helped were the "Remove Unused" and "Project Manager".

After all the necessary footage was ingested and cut into the sequence. It was imperative that I take out the chaff so the project wouldn't bloat and media loading would be lighter.

Music by Atif Aslam, Florence and the Machine and David Helping


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