This seven-minute short on water conservation was produced in 1975 by Stan Phillips & Associates as a kind of "ice breaker" for use in public presentations on the subject given by the Denver Water Department, but prints of the film were purchased and used for years afterward by other water districts looking to get their message across in as clear and painless a fashion as possible. Trust me, it's harder than it looks. Simple, short, to-the-point pantomimed bits of business are used to both illustrate the problems and suggest positive actions one could take to save water. Several of the segments were subsequently broken out to become public service announcements shown on local TV in the late 70s.

Though Stan and I had worked on several commercial projects between the production of "Choice Stakes" (also part of my collection here on Vimeo) and this film, "Water Follies" represents for me our first real collaboration as participants sharing in the storyboarding, design, and animation duties. As director, however, this is Stan's baby; I just helped with the delivery. The titles of his films are the giveaway: puns. The man loved puns.

Stan Phillips passed away on Tuesday, January 28, 2014, after a long career that encompassed nearly every aspect of the film business. He was my mentor, my teacher, and my friend; and, thanks to the invention of a medium we could barely even imagine in the 70s, the legacy of this earlier work can live on.


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