A compilation of work I´ve created during my studies, my engagement at the studios Inocuo The Sign and Diestro.tv and freelance gigs between 2009 and 2012.

00:00 Intro
00:14 A Cinematic Journey (MA)
00:22 Ferrari Unique
00:31 Koi (Diestro.tv)
00:33 A Cinematic Journey (MA)
00:36 Sony Pix Rebrand (Diestro.tv)
00:37 LG "El Televisor" (Mr. Oso)
00:40 Not Enough…
00:46 Sony Pix Rebrand (Diestro.tv)
00:54 MEF Connects
00:57 TTR World Tour (LMC)
01:00 Visual01
01:04 Ami | Folding The Future (BA)
01:14 La Chica Mechanica (Inocuo)
01:17 A Cinematic Journey (MA)
01:24 Koi (Diestro.tv)
01:28 Sony Pix Rebrand (Diestro.tv)
01:32 Outro

Music: Last Exit Ehrenfeld by Twit One

j vimeo.com/44483508

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