My first drifting video, first car event ever that I've filmed on, really.

Boy was this fun to do! It's a bit shaky, but my Tripod was broken so I had to go freehand, a small steadycam which did not properly work in the strong wind or my monopod.

This event was the "License Day" for Powerdrift, it was held the 18th of April 2010.

As you may see in the video, the weather changes a lot. That was because of a freak storm cloud that passed over with very, very intense winds, it snowed and rained a period of time and then became sunny again.

This is only the first out of many videos I will make this summer, so keep an eye out for that.

Thanks to Marius Hesleskaug, from for helping me with some of the post-production!

Music: S.W.A.G. by The Qemists

I hope you all enjoy my first drifting video.

Various sites my video is:

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