A movie made by Discovery Channel Europe, but never saw a broadcast. Very much censored on the web also, where is was taken away from servers several times. The reason it get's censored, is because it contains important information on the pedophile network under John Paul 2, that according to a witness in the Franklin Cover-up was financed by churches and convents. And still is as active, as it was when described by the victims in the movie.

The quality of the movie is not very good. It had to be smuggled and set into internet format by volunteers.

The documentary starts with a Roman Catholic orphanage, that is being used as a brothel for pedophiles, for compromising politicians and captains of industry. If you are living outside the USA, I would want to warn, that this secret infiltration of governments by Roman Catholics is happening in every country in the world.

j vimeo.com/23225671

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