with a video that had English subtitles. They complete well the lyrics of my song Intention Dévorante. The result is close enough to what I had in mind while writing the original poem.

In Duet for Cannibals (1969), the critic Susan Suntag brings in a story that was most imitated. She brings out more meanings than most directors care to do. This brilliant movie can be downloaded for free (we hope for long under the current climate, let's enjoy it now, it says a lot about it) on the essential Ubuweb : ubu.com/film/sontag.html

Viveka Eriksson and Liz Alice compose their own vocals and interpret / rewrite my poem. Available on my album Etrange en compagnie (2010) :


Intention dévorante


Devouring intention

C’était la nuit devant
Encore une attente préliminaire
Je croyais me déprendre systématiquement

Quelque part, il y a des oublis vitaux
Nous allons tirer des possibles
Quelque part, des possibles oublis vitaux
Oublis, nous allons en tirer

Diva ! Devouring intension

Devouring in tension ! / vitaux

Be there, we need you
a preliminary wait / youuuu...

Diva ! Devour..
From them, devouring !

Prendre la porte !

I will always get out / sortie de secours

Somewhere, there are key omissions
From them, we will bring possibilities
They will be molded correctly

Soit là comme il faut !

We need you / urgency exit
Be there like expected
We need you !

Devouring in tension

Nous avons besoin
We need you / take the door
Nous avons Urgency exit
De toi, nous avons besoin
Urgency exit be there like expected, we need you

j vimeo.com/34824794

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