An animated short film by: Edda Hronn Kristinsdottir & Rasmus L. Møller

Dharma is a tiny witch. She lives in a bedside table in an abandoned house on a hill, just outside of the village. Her braids pick up a signal when a child is crying from a nightmare. Every night she hops on her magic vacuum cleaner and sucks all the nightmares away. When her bag is full of nightmares she heads back home. There she put all the nightmares in a big bellied pot where they wobble and boils until everything bad shakes out of them. Then they magically turn into delicious chocolate dough that she bakes into yummy cakes and puts them in the children's window where they can happily find them the next morning.

By: Edda Hronn Kristinsdottir and Rasmus L. Møller
Direction, Animation, Script, Editing: Edda Hronn Kristinsdottir, Rasmus L. Møller
Producer: Michelle Nardone
Music/Sound: Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Thomas Richard Christensen
Voice-over: Robert Bennett, Stine Sørensen

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