Showing at the Electronics Alive VI Digital Art Exhibition, Tampa FL

Telly Award winner for
- Special Effects

Communicator Award winner for
- Student Film
- Use of Animation

October 2007

Revolve Around Me is a montage of various forms of natural and artificial repetition, presenting us with everyday occurrences that are usually ignored or unappreciated, from leaves waving to the rhythmic breeze, to the very steps we take when we walk. Another aspect that is investigated is the notion of life and death, or time in general. It is strange that we perceive time speeding up when we get older through our lives. The clock is not just a mechanical apparatus that keep us scheduled; it is a countdown to our deaths.

Miss-matching audio and visual is explored including clock tics for footsteps and blinks, and television static for obscurity and confusion.

With the intention of creating a feel of eeriness it was decided to utilize a digital still camera to capture the motion. With the relatively low frame-rate of the camera, it accentuated the raw and jittery feel of the piece – whereas using a traditional video camera would make it smooth and soft, and perhaps even benign. A color wash-out and authentic "high ISO" camera noise further enhanced the distraught feel. The final installation was projected onto a canvas panel which not only introduced textures to accompany the image noise but added a slight warmth and sophistication to balance the already cold and disturbing piece.

Thank you Katie for the help and support!

Shot with a Nikon D200
Total individual photographs - 3,773


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